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The DUAL CS-518 TURNTABLE for the ultimate analogue experience.

Enjoy mind-boggling twin-gimbal detail, breath-taking 2M Red musicality from the DUAL CS-518 TURNTABLE with effortless multi-speed play.

Welcome to the revolution. Welcome back to life at 33 ⅓.

Records explode in vibrant detail thanks to the twin gimbal tonearm design of CS 518. Plus, high-quality cartridge upgrades are made possible thanks to its improved musical performance, offering a lifetime of deeper listening experiences.

Pre-fit, pre-aligned, and prepared for serious sound quality. Ortofon’s 2M Red is a multi-award-winning pickup that plucks high resolution, expressive midrange and loads of musical insight from all your favourite albums.

Effortless and wonderfully tactile, Dual’s speed selection dial makes flipping between your favourite records a dream. Sling singles, start a 78 collection, or line up a playlist of LPs. It’s too easy and way too much fun.

With a classic rubber matt atop an anodised silver platter spinning over black vinyl veneer, CS 518 is a 70s-style turntable dripping in music tradition. Because the table you play should be worthy of the collection you worship.

Forget buying new components and cables just to play records. No phono? No problems. With an inbuilt phono preamplifier, simply plug in your turntable and play. And with easy line switching, external preamp upgrades are a breeze.

So confident in the quality of their turntable manufacturing, Dual turntables come with a 5-year warranty. So, your favourite LPs are guaranteed to keep spinning long after the anniversary edition re-releases.

Drive: Belt Drive
Speed: 33/45/78
Wow & Flutter: < ±0,1 % (DIN WTD)

Auto-Start/Stop Function: Manual Operation

4 x Pivot ball-bearing /twin gimbal mounting

Effective Length: 221.5mm

Statically Balanced

Cartridge Weight Range:
5g to 9g
Factory-Fitted Cartridge:
Ortofon 2M Red

Material: Aluminium die-cast

Rubber 2.5mm
Weight: 850g

Material: MDF, folded
Surface Finish:
Black wood

RCA socket

Dimensions (HxWxD):
435 x 367 x 145mm (Dustcover closed)

Weight: 5.9kg
Power plug: External Power Supply