Edifier S3000 Pro Active Bluetooth Speakers


Edifier S3000 Pro Active Bluetooth Speakers



Edifier S3000 Pro Active Bluetooth Speakers

The Edifier S3000 Pro Active Bluetooth Speakers, with Aluminium cone woofer and Rear Port.

The Edifier S3000Pro is bi-amped 8W+120Wrms. Hear your TV Crystal Clear. Better than an old plastic Soundbar.

Inbuilt DSP for optimised frequency response plus DSP presets.

Monitor Hi-Fi grade audio with 6.5” aluminium diaphragm bass unit and planar diaphragm tweeters for incredible acoustic range, clear highs and powerful bass.

These speakers are feature rich; the two units connect wirelessly through Certified “Hi-Res” (24bit up to 192KHz) aptX™ Bluetooth™ V5.0 with negligible latency.

This allows users to position the speakers separately anywhere within range without having to fuss with interconnect cables for your wireless speaker system.

Inputs include RCA, USB (PC/Mac out), optical, coaxial and balanced XLR connection.

An infra-red remote control adjusts volume, input and USB/BT transport controls.

Adjustable bass, treble and volume controls are also available on the speaker system itself.


  • Wireless left and right speaker set-up
  • HiRes aptX™ Bluetooth™ certified audio
  • RCA, SPDIF, Coax, XLR, USB(PC) inputs
  • Planar diaphragm tweeters to 40KHz
  • 6.5” aluminium alloy cone bass unit
  • 230 x 266 x 355mm 8W+120Wrms ea.
  • Direct mains powered 1.8m cord.
  • Rear Port
  • Sold as Pairs

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