Heavy Duty Universal Articulated TV Bracket


Heavy Duty Universal Articulated TV Bracket


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Heavy Duty Universal Articulated TV Bracket

This Heavy Duty Universal Articulated TV Bracket by North Bayou, Model MTC-502XL
Universal Articulated TV Wall Mount Bracket – Up to 800 x 600
Product Code: MTC-502XL

The Heavy Duty MTC-502XL cantilever TV mount is a new heavy-duty model with a 620mm wide mounting wall plate, which is designed for Australian consumers wishing to easily install their larger TVs on timber stud walls.

VESA: Up to 800 x 600
Max Weight: 90kg
Min Distance from Wall: 103.8mm
Max Distance from Wall: 1013.5mm
15 degree Tilt Down / 5 degree Tilt Up
180 degree Swivel

Easy Installation
Good design and simple instructions combine to make mounting your TV a breeze.
All necessary screws bolts and hardware are included in the box.

INSTALLERS TIP: Because this TV bracket extends quite a distance from the wall, its a good idea to use extra long power and AV Cables so as not to restrict the movement of the bracket and also help prevent damage to your expensive TV.

Don’t use cable ties or electrical tape too close together around the cables, or fasten too tightly, let the cables have a bit of give. This will help your wall bracket and TV stay in the position you require and allow you to move your TV in and out more smoothly.

Secondly, this TV bracket needs to have at least three good fixing into a timber or metal studs, if fixing to a plasterboard wall. Obviously four or more solid fixing into studs would be better, but this may not be able to be done in all situations. In situations where you can’t get other fixings into studs we use Ramset Hollow Wall Anchors which can hold about 14Kg each.

The up-shot is DON’T fix this TV wall bracket to a plasterboard wall with-out at least three solid fixing into a timber or metal stud, behind the plasterboard. If fixing to a brick, stone or concrete wall use the wall plugs provided, or Ramset Universal Anchors, Red or Blue.

Fixing hardware that comes with this bracket, wall plugs, coach screw, bolts, washers and spacers are fine to use, no problem.

Don’t install your TV too high on the wall, first sit on a chair or lounge and check the best height for viewing your TV. We like to position the TV bracket no higher the 1400mm off the floor in most domestic situations, With regard to commercial installations the height that we install the TV varies greatly.

Package includes
Two vertical mounting rails, fully assembled full motion TV wall mount, mounting hardware and assembly instructions.