earthquake speakers and subwoofers
earthquake speakers and subwoofers
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The new FF line of subwoofers, the EARTHQUAKE FF6.5 SUB, is the next evolutionary step in the continued quest for superb bass performance.
The FF series offers versatility, small footprint and good looks all while staying surprisingly affordable.

The powerful woofers used in the FF line have direct lineage to the lauded MiniME subwoofers sporting massive excursion and high power handling.
The amplifiers are refined descendants of the signature Sub-Series from Earthquake.

The third generation Earthquake FEA computer-modeled bass Slot-Port loading increases the output of the powerful woofer/amp combo.
The new Slot-Port provides more port volume than possible with traditional tubular port loading resulting in radically increased low
frequency output. Since it is not a tubular device, it can bend at optimum angles reducing cabinet size making the subwoofer both
powerful and aesthetic. It also routes laminar airflow across the aerodynamically shaped internal amplifier heat-exchangers.

This forced flow cooling technique enables the FF subs to operate at continued high levels, even if fully built-in. The Slot-Port is an
integral part of the subwoofer and serves as a cross brace making the cabinet very strong and resonance free.

The FF6.5 takes the Slot-Port design a significant step further by fusing the Slot-Port with an advanced reflex apparatus.
This new technology merges a quarter-wavelength transmission line with a variable cross-section folded-horn.
This novel synthesis of technologies yields an acoustic reflex device with unsurpassed efficiency. Resulting in a
massive boost to low frequency output, empowering the FF6.5 to rival ordinary designs with woofers up to 10 inch.

The advanced design features coupled with rational manufacturing are keys to the FF lines unbeatable price and performance combination.

All this boils down to the fact that the creation of the new FF subwoofers was no accident, rather the result of meticulous engineering building on a heritage of excellence.

The EARTHQUAKE FF6.5 SUB : Power, Performance and Affordability.

150 watts class "AB" , high efficiency power amplifier
12 dB / Octave variable filter from 40 Hz to 180 Hz
Automatic signal detection circuitry, When in "AUTO" position, it automatically turns on the subwoofer when an audio signal is detected.
It also shuts the subwoofer off after 30 minutes if no signal is detected
Status LED indicators. ON when blue, OFF when red
Low level (RCA) audio inputs
Line through (RCA) audio outputs
High level (high level) audio inputs
Line through (high level) audio output
6.5" high power subwoofers
0 - 180 degrees phase shift
Black ash finish