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The Earthquake SUB80 is simply one of the best small subwoofers available today. This compact high powered sub is perfect for homes such as apartments,
condos or even town homes where people cannot have 10", 12" or 15" subs.

The SUB80 has the capability to utilize ts amplifier power correctly and efficiently to deliver some serious bass without the ugly and distorted bass often
produced by other drivers of this size.The SUB80 has the potential to fill very large rooms with excellent bass response and thundering sound effects.

There is a very simple reason to why we recommend the EARTHQUAKE SUB80 over the larger drivers in these types of homes:
"It's better to get a slow car and drive it fast than to get a fast car that you have to drive slow."

Speaker level input - up to 10 volts
Frequency Response, 20 - 180Hz
RCA level (low) audio input
0.5 to 2.3 volts
Auto Turn ON / signal detection circuitry
180° phase inverting switch
Un-obstrusive and easy to position
Versatile set-up options with broad compatibility