Ergovida Computer Screen Desktop Riser

Ergovida Computer Screen Desktop Riser


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The Ergovida Computer Screen Desktop Riser ESS-93, makes the complex simple. Ideal for your Home Office.
This smart monitor stand has a particularly simple structure with a transparent glass surface, while it still remains various functions.

With three USB 2.0 ports, the Ergovida Computer Screen Desktop Riser stand offers extra connectors between your computer and digital devices.
Also, there is an audio port on the smart stand that provides extra input/output option. As the advanced version in STB-09 series, ESS-093 has two
more quick charge ports that support 1.5A/2.4A fast charging, whenever the power of your mobile phones is off.

Featuring an adjustable monitor riser, the feet of STB-093 have three height settings in order to offer pleasant viewing angles. The design of its accessories
also helps you keep the workplace tidy. A built-in cable manager on the side of the stand maintains a clean look of both the monitor stand and the desktop.

The side slot provides extra space to place IPAD, Kindle, Surface Books or mobile phones. This small slot spares more area on the desktop, and always keeps
your digital devices handy. Manufactured from 5mm tempered glass, the surface has strong impact resistance and load capacity to bear 20kg weight.
ESS-093 is an ideal option for the demand on a simple and organized workplace.

Ergovida ESS-93
Weight capacity 20kg
3 height settings for optimal viewing height, height options: 80mm, 110mm and 130mm
Durable tempered glass surface provides strong lasting support
Cable Management: keeps everything organised
Side Slot: for tablets, documents or newspaper etc.
1.5A/2.4A quick charging ports for your digital devices
3 easily accessible USB 2.0 ports & 2 multi-media Ports

Material Plastic, Silicone Pad, Aluminum, Tempered Glass
Surface Finish Sand-blasted Aluminum Anodic Oxidation
Colour White
Dimensions 613 x 210 x 130mm
Screen Sizes 13 - 32"
Weight Capacity 20 kg
USB Port 3 x USB 2.0 Port,
2 x Quick Charge Port(supports 1.5A/2.4A fast charging),
2 multi-media Ports
Cable Management Yes