Redleaf Projector Screen



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The Redleaf Projector Screens are easy to set-up and transport,  and come with a convenient integrated carry handle, so are perfect for those presentations on the go.



Redleaf Projector Screens have a flexible operation and comes with integrated carry handle, so is perfect for those

The Redleaf Projector Screens are easy to set-up and transport,  and come with a convenient integrated carry handle, so are perfect for those presentations on the go.
Packs down and Fits into most Vehicles. Ten different sizes available and they come with One Year Warranty.

Three Available Screen Formats: Square, 4:3 and 16:10

These Portable Tripod Projector Screens weights less then 15Kg so can be carried in one hand.
The Screen can be Set-up and Pack Down Again in less then 30 seconds, so are idea for people with tight schedules.

The ability to view video, images  and content from your laptop is a necessary part of any business meeting or school class. Tripod projector screens provide a portable solution for showing content to your students or clients in the office, business meeting or any other situation where you need to present.

Our tripod projector screens, also known as portable projector screens, roll up projector screens and standalone projector screens, can be effortlessly erected and adjusted by height, making viewing and explaining presentations easy for anyone. When not in use, the screen can easily be re-tracked and packed away, with minimal disassembly required, and can then be transported with ease.

When in use, the projector screen is held upright by a three-pronged tripod legs, which are made of a strong metal. This provides a sturdy base that ensures the screen stays stable at all times.

The screen is made from a versatile, Matt fabric with a 50mm black border, that displays a clear picture for a range of different presentation needs. Redleaf projector screens are the perfect solution when office space is limited and wall mounting is not an option.

For spaces where wall mounting is possible, we also stock wall mounted projector screens, which can be fixed to any flat wall surface for a permanent screening solution.

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• Formats: Square, 4:3 and 16:10
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• Portable Projection Screen.
• Integrated Carry Handle.
• Height Adjustable.
• Black Headbox

• Boardroom Computer Presentations
• Sporting Events
• Business and Public Meetings
• Seminars and Product Launches
• Education and Training
• Government Projects

• Portable Tripod Projector Screens
• Steel Head Box in Powder Coat Matt Black.
• Screen Surface, Matt White Heavy Duty Fibreglass

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Square, 1210mm x 1210mm: LRTP12709B, Square, 1470mm x 1470mm: RLTP15309B, Square, 1740mm 1740mm: RLTP18009B, Square, 1950mm x 1950mm: RLTP20309B, Square, 2360 x 2360mm: RLTP24409B, 4:3, 1145mm x 1530mm: RLTP07519B, 4:3, 1235mm x 1650mm: RLTP08419B, 4:3,1530mm x 2030mm: RLTP10019B, 4:3, 1770mm x 2360mm: RLTP12019B, 16:19, 920mm x 1470mm: RLTP06869B