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vogels brackets and mounts


The VOGELS WALL STUD ADAPTER THIN 595, is easy to install and of solid construction.

Installing a TV bracket on a hollow wall. Suitable for the Vogel's THIN 550, THIN 546, THIN 545 and THIN 525

The Vogel's stud adapter is designed especially for (metal frame) hollow walls, so you can also mount a THIN wall bracket on these types of wall.

The VOGELS WALL STUD ADAPTER is suitable for hollow wall frames up to 600 mm apart. MORE INFO:

Mount your TV securely on a Timber Stud, hollow plasterboard wall.
Mount your TV right in the middle of a hollow wall? We have the solution! The THIN 595 stud adapter allows you to install your TV wall mount securely on a hollow wall.

Mount your TV securely on a Metal Stud, plasterboard wall.
If mounting to a metal stud, we would recommend you mount the bracket across 2 steel frames and for the install to be done by a Professional Audio Visual installer. This will require you to also use a Double Stud adaptor in conjunction with the wall mount, or a wall mount where the wall plate can spread across two studs. Generally steel frames are either 400mm or 450mm apart. We do not recommend mounting onto only one steel frame.

When mounting to metal stud wall, the wall must be reinforced with an extra back plate of sufficient thickness (underlayment). This is necessary because the metal stud profiles are only 6 mm thick. If you install your TV mount and TV directly on the profile, there is a chance that the TV will tip over.

It is important for the rear wall to be sufficiently thick (approximately 18 mm, together with the plasterboard approximately 30.5 mm or thicker) and to be securely fixed. You can use a flat TV mount (FLAT), such as the Vogel's WALL 3305 or Vogel's THIN 505, which are both suitable for a 450 or 600 mm frame), which bridges the gap between the two steel upright profiles.

There is no dedicated Double Stud Adaptor available which is compatible with the WALL3345, however the builder / audio visual installer could place a piece of load bearing material across the 2 steel frames which the wall mount can be mounted on to. This will need to be discussed with your builder / audio visual installer.

For 16”, 20”, 24”, 450 and 600mm stud placement.
Thick 2 mm steel achieves a 154 lbs loading capacity.
Increased cable management options.
For use with THIN 550, THIN 546, THIN 545 and THIN 525.
Available in black powder coated finish.

Note: mounting hardware for metal studs not included.
Contact your local your installer and/or specialist supplier for the correct mounting materials.