Hire from our extensive range of Portable Projector Screens for your Business Conference, Breakout Sessions, Birthday Party, Wedding, Home Movies, Sporting Events or any other function where you may require a large screen display for your, DVD, Video or Computer Presentation.

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Our Portable Projector Screens Start at just $45 per Day. The Projector Screens are easy to transport, set-up and can be packed-down in less than 15 seconds.

Give your next power point presentation that professional touch with one of our Portable Projector Screens from our Hire Department. Our Hire Tripod Projector Screens can be adjusted up or down to suit most projector situations.

We also Hire Projectors, if you Hire a Projector from us the Projector Screen of your choice, Comes FREE!! Check-out our Projector Screen Range.

Projector Screen Sizes (White Viewing Area)

Tripod Screen, Square Format  2400mm x 2400mm
Tripod Screen Square Format 1800mm x 1800mm
Pull-up Style Screen, 16:10 Format 2000mm x 1500mm
Pull-up Style Screen, 16:10 Format 1750mm x 1095mm
Pull-up Style Screen, 4:3 Format 1600mm x 1200mm

Projector Screen Hire Special Weekend Rates:  SAME AS ONE DAY RATE (Pick-up Friday & Return Monday)
Week-Day Delivery with-in 2 hours is available.
(Sydney Metro. Delivery fee Applies)


Portable Pull-up Style Screen
Elite Projector Screens
Tripod Projector Screen