Sonos ARC Premium Smart Soundbar

Sonos ARC Premium Smart Soundbar

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THE Sonos ARC Premium Smart Soundbar was specially tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers to emphasise the sound of the human voice so you can always follow the story.

Whether you mount it on the wall or place it below your TV on a stand or console, Sonos ARC Premium Smart Soundbar automatically tunes itself for the best possible sound.

Nine Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to match the nine dedicated speaker drivers and the acoustic architecture and the three tweeters create the crispest and clearest high-frequency response.

Six mid-woofers give you the full range of sound effects and music from the left and right channels, and crisp, clear dialog from the centre. Mid-woofers act together as a phased speaker array so what you hear matches what you see on screen.

Optical input to connect to your TV. Allows ARC to speak DOLBY ATMOS and stereo.

Adjustable bass, treble, and loudness controls to customise your sound preferences.
Autoplay setting lets you choose whether or not TV audio will begin playback automatically.
Side panel buttons & lights; Volume and Play/Pause buttons. LED indicates SONOS component status and mute status.

(HWD) 8.7 x 114 x 12cm.
Weight – 6.3kg