Sonos BEAM Smart Soundbar

Sonos BEAM Smart Soundbar

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Sonos BEAM Smart Soundbar

The Sonos BEAM Smart Soundbar, is an easy way to upgrade your TV’s sound, while enabling some smart TV functionality via Amazon and Alexa you never knew you wanted.

It’s a rare combination. Smart speakers continue to become more popular, but high-quality options are still few and far between – let alone ones you can easily hook up to your TV.

SONOS claims most smart speakers are designed for the kitchen, when the living room is the heart of your home.

People buy soundbars for convenience and sound quality. The Sonos BEAM Smart Soundbar is far in advance of any other soundbar on the market today. With movies there’s an emphasis on dialogue, which always sounded crystal clear via the Sonos BEAM Smart Soundbar. With music the overall sound quality seems to go up a notch.

In both cases, there’s a solid sound-stage that extends past the physical width of the speakers. Also in both cases, bass reaches low enough to give you a decent amount of kick rumble, if not quite the earth-shaking sensation you’d get from larger speakers.

Attach your SONOS BEAM Speaker to the wall or to a TV Bracket with the FLEXSON SONOS BEAM MOUNT.

Product Features
Plays music, TV, movies, and more
Clear dialogue from speech enhancement
Easily pairs with your TV & remote
Amazon Alexa voice control
AirPlay compatible with iOS devicesS