Sonos Ray

Sonos Ray

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Upgrade your TV, music, and gaming experiences with the SONOS RAY. Impressively compact and easy-to-use soundbar.

Experience precisely balanced sound, including crisp dialogue and solid bass, plus streamlined control with your TV remote, the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and more.

It only takes two cables and a few minutes to set up your SONOS RAY. And the forward-facing acoustics make Ray ideal for an enclosed space, like a shelf in your TV stand.

Enjoy the flexibility to create the Sonos system you want over time when you add speakers for surround sound and multiroom listening.

Tailor your SONOS RAY home theatre experience with the Sonos app.

Turn on Speech Enhancement for even clearer dialogue when characters whisper or the music swells. Turn on Night Sound to reduce the intensity of loud effects when you don’t want to disturb anyone else at home.

RAY has ultra-compact dimensions, tapered build and forward-facing speakers, meaning it takes up little space and removes any need for a clear line of sight for upward- and side-firing drivers, making it a practical choice for small rooms or shared spaces.

Aesthetically the Ray is very much part of the rarified Sonos gene pool with soft curves, capacitive touch buttons, monochrome finishes and a perforated polycarbonate grille.

All four Class-D digital amplifiers have been fine-tuned to the soundbar’s unique acoustic architecture.

Two tweeters create a crisp high-frequency response.

Two high-efficiency midwoofers ensure faithful playback of mid-range frequencies and solid bass.

Bass Reflex System
Proprietary low-velocity port design minimises distortion and rounds out low-end frequencies.

Adjustable EQ
Use the Sonos app to adjust bass, treble, and loudness.

Speech Enhancement
Turn this setting on in the Sonos app to boost voice frequencies and clarify dialogue.

This software measures the acoustics of the room then fine-tunes the soundbar. Supported iOS device required.

Night Sound
Turn this setting on in the Sonos app to reduce the intensity of loud sounds and increase the level of quieter sounds.

Home Theatre Audio Formats
Stereo PCM, Dolby Digital 5.1* and DTS Digital Surround* (*This is not an indication of a licenced decoder.) The Sonos app’s Now Playing screen will display what type of audio is being decoded.

Height: 71 mm
Width: 559 mm
Depth: 95 mm

1.95 kg

Black, White


M5 threaded mounting socket

Use the capacitive touch controls on the product to adjust the volume, play, pause, skip, and replay.

Lights on the product indicate connection and mute status.