Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 Speakers


Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 Speakers




These WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 12.2 SPEAKERS feature 25mm textile dome tweeters and 150mm advanced PP mid/bass cone drivers. Combined with a larger chassis, Diamond 12.2 offers deeper bass and noticeably wider dynamic range, perfect for medium to large sized listening rooms.

The precision-made magnet systems incorporate aluminium compensation rings to cull distortion and discordant tones caused by intermodulation. Wharfedale’s most advanced Diamond motor system ever built now puts you in perfect harmony with your music.

The new formulated blend of polypropylene and mica significantly reduce flex to create a rigid, lightweight cone with low colouration and lightning-fast response. So, your new Diamond’s play harder, handle more power, and perform flawlessly, every time.

Dome tweeters incorporate woven polyester film and high-loss coatings to generate silky smooth high-frequency extension. The WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 12.2 SPEAKERS have driver systems optimised for wide dispersion, vocals, woodwinds, and strings sections ripple out, wall-to-wall, bathing you in sound.

New drive cones include custom-engineered ribbing combined with a low-damping surround. This increases cone rigidity and reduces colouration, giving you a more dynamic, more detailed listening experience – one that honours (not colours) your favourite recordings.

Air core inductors, typically found in the most expensive loudspeakers, produce the lowest distortion of all inductor types. Combined with acoustic LKR 24db crossover topology, it creates incredibly fast, clean bass response. It’s high-end thinking for low-frequency brilliance.

Computer simulated design intelligently braces opposing cabinet walls using specific wood composites to create Diamond’s most effective reduction in cabinet resonance. So your favourite recordings shine in vibrant technicolour, not the colour of your speaker cabinets.

The voice coils of the WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 12.2 SPEAKERS are wound on high-power epoxy/glass fibre bobbins seen only in the most expensive loudspeaker models. The reduced distortion and increased power handling means you can go loud, real loud, and still enjoy incredible clarity.

General description: 2-way bookshelf speaker
Bass driver: 6.5″(150mm) advanced PP Cone
Treble driver: 1″(25mm) Textile Dome
Recommended amplifier power: 20-120W
Nominal impedance: 8Ω Compatible
Sensitivity: (2.83V @ 1m) 88dB
Frequency response: (+/-3dB) 50Hz ~ 20kHz
Dimensions: ( H x W x D ) 335 x 200 x (285+28) mm
Net weight: 8.2kg/pcs

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Black, White, Walnut, Light Oak