Wharfedale Speaker Stands


Wharfedale Speaker Stands



Elevate your pair of Wharfedale speakers, with the Wharfedale Speaker Stands, so that the sound is projected at an ideal listening height.

WHARFEDALE SPEAKER STANDS designed for use with Wharfedale Diamond bookshelf speakers, but can be used on other suitable models.

The strong metal WHARFEDALE SPEAKER STANDS, Model ST-1 allow for versatile placement options anywhere in the room. If you have purchased a pair of Wharfedale or other bookshelf speakers, why not get the most out of them.

These rock-solid stands are the perfect complement to your speakers. They provide a stable foundation that helps deliver a stellar listening experience. The included carpet spikes provide additional stability on a rug or thick carpet.

Model ST-1 : Colours: Black or White

A speaker stand is required to raise the high frequency drivers of bookshelf speakers to ear level for ideal vertical dispersion.

Therefore couple the speaker to the floor to drain away vibrations of any kind and de-couple the speaker from the floor to prevent any vibration, or feedback from contaminating the audio chain.

In addition, the Wharfedale WH-ST1 stands serve all these needs resulting in an almost holographic sound-stage, and exceptionally wide dynamic range. These Wharfedale Stands are ideal for the Diamond-series speakers or any other small- to mid-sized bookshelf speaker.

The Wharfedale Diamond Speaker Stands keep the speakers isolated from vibrations, at the perfect height for critical listening, and away from the wall or out of the book case for much better sound-staging. Take the guesswork out of your system setup and improve the sound of your system, too.

Designed to house the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1, 10.2, 11.1 and 11.2 bookshelf speakers but they’ll suit any pair of similar sized loudspeakers, even WHARFEDALE DENTON.

Above all, save, space and clutter and are constructed in reassuringly sturdy brushed steel with a black or white finish.

The stands also come with floor spikes attached.
Stands measure 22.72″ x 10.16″ x 11.81″ (H x W x D)
Easy assembly.
More info Wharfedale Australia.

The WHARFEDALE SPEAKER STANDS look professional and the speakers sit on the top plate nicely, very sturdy, and the bottom plate is heavy enough to counterbalance the top. The sound is absolutely great! Mids are crisp, bass is controlled and truly enhances the sound!





Product highlights:
Pair of custom-designed speaker stands for Wharfedale bookshelf speakers
Provides an attractive, rock-solid foundation for your speakers
Places your speakers at the ideal listening height
Built-in wire channels for a neat, clean installation
Carpet spikes are included for use on a rug or thick carpet
Constructed from sturdy aluminum
10″W x 22″H
Warranty: 5 years

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Black, White

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